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Hey, what's happening in the mOOC? 

Are you in The May Team? YUP!

Updated as of May 23th, 2019 1:39 pm ET 

If you are newly joining the mOOC, or are getting back to the experience, we consider you a part of The May Team! We can work together to achieve our mission! Empowered Educator Badges anyone?

Here are some reminder type things:

  • Stuck on anything? Use this email address to seek individualized help:
  • If you are not finished previous modules, or just entering the mOOC now, remember there is no timeline to finish, you can go back to previous modules, and do them at your own pace.
  • Join us in Slack, our informal chatting/clubhouse area: Invite link
  • Daily Extends are fun extras that happen outside this space (in the open web!). Look for new optional activities every couple of days. New ones include:

The newest episode features Mel Young from Cambrian College and James Skidmore from U of Waterloo chatting about the Scholar module. You can find all episodes of the show at

We will record a new episode on Thursday, May 16th at noon. Join? Email

Listen to "The After Party Episode!" on Spreaker.

  • Extended Drop in sessions (optional). For more connection opportunities, meet us lunch time in our Zoom Room
    • On Wednesday, April 24th at noon we hosted an informational webinar for newcomers (or new-returners!) to the mOOC to chat about how anyone can still start and finish the mOOC experience. See the slide deck here and stay tuned for a recording of the webinar.