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What's Happening in the mOOC? Here is our handy summary of the currently active module.

Module 2: Technologist (Jan 11-Feb 25, 2019)

Updates as of Feb 13, 2019 4:38pm ET 
After grounding ourselves in the first module as Teachers for Learning, the second Extend module module guides you as you select, use, and integrate technologies in a way that supports, facilitates, and enriches learning experiences.

  • January 11: Module 2 opens, start with a new scenario to set the stage, and an exploration of digital literacies. Then using a design-thinking  approach we begin work your way through the technology selection activities for the module, sharing your progress in the forum thread set up for each activity.

    There are two weeks to work through the module activities. check in when you can, connect with your small informal support team (power bars). There is still time to reach out and seek ones to join.
  • Small Stretches Look for 3 new optional stretch activities each week, you will find them listed in the Extras area of this module. New Stretches include:
  • Finding mOOC People. We created a list of all Participants, usernames, a link to their forum posts (viewable only to registered users from information already in the discussion forum space). Or check out our growing ExtendmOOC Twitter list! If youare on Twitter, tweet @ontarioextend and let us know to add you,too!
  • Be a Guest on the Extend mOOC Radio Show.  In the middle of a two week module we are record an audio podcast/show about your progress in the mOOC. We extend an invitation to anyone participating in the course, to join us in the radio booth (all you need is a web browser) to come talk about your experience so we can share with others.  Learn how to join us

    The show recorded for Module 1 featured the perspective of Sarah Wendorf  played live on VoiceEd radio last week at noon on Monday and is always available in our archives.

Listen to "EP01 Sarah Wendorf on Extending" on Spreaker.

  • Extended Lunch Drop in sessions (optional). For more connection opportunities, meet us lunch time in our Zoom Room