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Ontario Extend is a capacity building initiative that is grounded in the belief that the impact on learning should be the primary motivator for creating technology-enabled and online learning experiences. In other words, student learning is our focus and we think that technology can help if we use it right. For some more background information about this project, head on over to the original Ontario Extend project site.

Let's say it's a flexible, "choose your own adventure" style experience that can be used by educators in Ontario (and beyond) as a springboard to enhance their teaching with technology in a connected learning, networked, perhaps even connectivist approach.

The framework for Ontario Extend is a model by Simon Bates (2014) Anatomy of 21st Century Educators and supported by six modules: Teacher for Learning, Technologist, Curator, Collaborator, Experimenter and Scholar. The exploration of these modules is done via a networked learning model using the Extend Studios: online tools, resources, and social media.

Completion of the activities within the modules earns you badges, and completing all six modules entitles you to the coveted Empowered Educator badge, and a special version specific to completing this mOOC. If badges motivate you, go for them, but if you just want to choose your own path of interest, and make connections with colleagues, take the independent route.

Ontario Extend is being offered to educators in Ontario (and beyond) starting in January 2019 as a "medium sized Open Online Course" (mOOC) via the support and communication tools of the edX platform hosted for us at EDUlib.

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Terry Greene is a Program Manager at eCampusOntario, on secondment from Fleming College, where he is a Learning Technology Specialist. He holds a B.Ed. in Elementary Education from the University of Alberta and a M.Sc. in Instructional Design & Technology from the University of North Dakota. He is interested in both the cutting and trailing edges of uses for technology in education. Especially those that increase the human element in technology-enabled learning. Hint, hint, those are probably the more open ones. Mostly Terry just tries to be more like Extender of Help #2. See below.

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Extender of Help #2

Alan Levine explores the frontiers of new technologies for education. He hoisted a web server on the Maricopa Community Colleges network in 1993 and has not left the web since. He has brought innovative ideas to his work with the New Media Consortium and the University of Mary Washington, and now is on his own as an independent consultant. Since 2003 Alan has published his ideas and discoveries at CogDogBlog and advocates for the grooviness of sharing. Alan works from home in Mortlach, Saskatchewan where his current interests include digital storytelling, photography, bending WordPress to make mysertious things called SPLOTs, and randomly dipping into and sharing from the infinite river of the internet. He tries to keep up with the mad energy of Extender of Help #1. See above.

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